Your Vote Matters

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see information arriving in your inbox and mailbox asking you to participate in our annual board elections. I want to take this opportunity to emphasize the significant impact your participation can have on shaping the future of our cooperative and community. I firmly believe that our cooperative's strength lies in the active involvement of its members, and that is why I ask you to exercise your right to vote in our upcoming annual board elections. Your vote matters, and here's why.

Fostering Democracy and Ownership

Dixie Electric operates on the principles of democracy and member ownership. By casting your vote, you actively participate in the decision-making process, ensuring that the cooperative is aligned with the collective interests of its members. This fundamental principle sets us apart from other energy providers; We’re a co-op, and our business model is meant to serve the members and the community in which it operates –not to make a profit for stockholders who, for the most part, don’t even live here.

Electing Board Members

One of the most crucial aspects of our annual meeting is the election of board members. The board of directors plays a vital role in setting policies, providing guidance to management, and safeguarding the cooperative's long-term sustainability. By voting for the right candidates, you ensure that the board reflects our membership's diverse interests and expertise, ultimately leading to informed decision-making and effective governance. One question we receive regularly is why their vote matters if there is only one candidate on the ballot. Even if only one candidate seeks election, the membership must still elect that candidate, and our bylaws state that an annual meeting can only occur by achieving a 10 percent quorum.

Building Trust and Transparency

Voting in the annual meeting strengthens the relationship between the cooperative and its members. Your vote is a direct expression of trust in our cooperative's governance and leadership. By participating in the annual meeting, you signal your confidence in the transparency of our decision-making processes and your belief in our commitment to serving the best interests of our members. This trust is the foundation upon which we can continue to build a cooperative that meets the evolving needs of our members and community.

Each year, the annual meeting represents a pivotal moment for our cooperative and its members. We recognize the vital role Dixie Electric plays in our community. Your participation ensures that the cooperative remains responsive, innovative, and accountable to the collective interests of its members. Remember, every vote counts, and your vote matters. So, mark your calendars for the opening day of online voting on Monday, August 21, and make your voice count in the next annual board elections.