Anthony Sumrall Wins 2023 Student Art Contest

Dixie Electric held its annual Student Art Contest, where 7-12th grade students, who also live within Dixie Electric’s system, were invited to submit artwork based around the theme of electric cooperatives.

Dixie Electric received 13 art submissions from across the seven counties it serves. The artwork was judged by an electric cooperative graphic artist from Jackson, Miss., with an art degree and background in graphic design.

Anthony Sumrall

Anthony Sumrall, a senior at Northeast Jones High School, was chosen as the winner of the 2023 Student Art Contest. Anthony describes his artwork as a realistic abstract made of acrylic paint with texture. The painting took Anthony two weeks to complete, working two to four hours daily.

Anthony has been drawing for as long as he can remember. “My grandmother would always buy me notebooks to scribble on the page, but eventually those scribbles turned into shapes and started making figures,” Anthony said. “My favorite thing to draw when I was younger was a boat on the ocean because my papa had boats on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was just fascinated by boats and cars/trucks.”

Anthony is a self-taught artist from a young age who gets much of his inspiration from Youtubers and comic book artists. He primarily uses his artistic skills as a hobby but has sold an artwork piece previously. He is also an art student at Northeast Jones High School.

“I have taught art to Anthony since the seventh grade,” said Northeast Jones Art Teacher Regina Milner. “I have watched him develop into a dedicated artist deserving of recognition. We are so proud of his accomplishments and especially this award. He has overcome many obstacles to become the artist he is today. He is talented, creative, and determined to achieve his goals.”

As for his motto, Anthony says, “Be more appreciative towards everything you have and keep your mind on the brighter side of things that are going on in your life.”

As the winner of the Student Art Contest, Anthony won a $250 cash prize, and his artwork will remain on display in the lobby of Dixie Electric’s headquarters in Laurel for one year and be featured in the Today in Mississippi magazine.