SmartHub Mobile and Web Apps


Our SmartHub app is the fastest way to report a power outage, view a LIVE outage map, view usage and pay a bill. Your account information is easily accessible and you can even view past bills. The web application allows the user to complete similar account, payment and usage functions through a secure website.

To download the mobile app:

1. Download the SmartHub app from the iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace. (Please note SmartHub is one word.) If duplicate apps appear with the same name, National Information Solutions Cooperative provides the correct app.

Tap or click here to download mobile app:

iOS Users:

Android Users:

2. Find “Dixie Electric” by location or name and confirm.

3. Enter email and password or select, “New User” if you have not already established a password to pay your bill online.

To use the SmartHub web app: 

1. Go to and select “My Account.”

2. Enter email and password or select, “New User” if you have not already established a password to pay your bill online.


1. How do I sign up for the SmartHub app? Please see information above.

2. What is the difference between the Mobile app and the Web version of SmartHub? SmartHub’s mobile app is a native application that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile phone or tablet device. The web version is internet accessible from any web-enabled device. Both apps and the web version give you secure access to maintain your account information, view present and archived bills, pay bill, see payment history and set up recurring payment. The mobile app also provides information and links to report a power outage and contact information for all SmartHub offices.

3. Is my phone or tablet supported? SmartHub applications are available for Apple and Android products including IOS 3.1 or above on iPhones and iPads and Android 2.1 and above on Android smartphones and tablets.

4. Is the app secure? Yes. All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. Mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your log in information for apps installed on your device. If you choose to store your log in information, any person who has access to your mobile device or tablet can access your account.

5. Does it cost anything to get the mobile app? No. The SmartHub apps are free to download and install.

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