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The headquarters building in Laurel includes an auditorium for use by the members – free of charge. It seats approximately 150 people. The auditorium includes tables and chairs, a stage, kitchen, and lectern. Please call the communication department at Dixie Electric to reserve the facility. Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance.

Check the online calendar for availability. You will need to call (601) 425-2535 for a reservation.

Member Newsletter

Today in Mississippi is delivered monthly to members of Dixie Electric. This monthly publication provides interesting information about your Association, the state and tidbits on your electric service.

Energy Audits

The residence is audited for energy consumption, and recommendations are made on how to conserve energy and lower one’s electric bill. Energy audits are provided by the Association at no cost to the member for the first audit.

Medical Alert List

Dixie Electric maintains a Medical Alert list for members that have a life threatening medical situation. The purpose of the Medical Alert list is to alert us that turning off a member’s electrical service for non-payment of the electric bill may create a life threatening medical situation for a member or another permanent resident of the member’s household. Dixie Electric does not guarantee continuance of service if, in the Association’s opinion, payment has not been made in a reasonable amount of time. Members need to submit a Medical Alert form completed by a physician in order to be included on the list.

Solar/Wind Energy Information

Dixie Electric has resources available for solar and wind energy information. If you have questions, check out the resources on the Energy Information & Tips page.

Speaker’s Bureau

Dixie Electric personnel will speak, at the request of members, on energy efficiency, power restoration and issues in the news related to energy. The Safety Manager offers a workshop on safety around overhead power lines, generator safety or substation safety; this workshop is ideal for loggers and construction workers. Call (601) 425-2535 to request a speaker for your event.

Safety Demonstrations

Dixie Electric offers area schools a demonstration to educate children on safety around power lines. Safety City teaches children to look up when climbing trees or flying kites. It explains how to respond if a power line falls on their car or school bus. The demonstration also teaches children about the equipment a lineman uses to safely work on power lines. The demonstration is recommended for children kindergarten through fifth grade.

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