Rate Schedule

Dixie Electric Power Association has a standard schedule of rates that cover all of the different categories of members, including residential, commercial and industrial.

Dixie Electric Rate Schedule (PDF)

Bill Calculation

Sample calculation of a residential bill:

(Assume service for 1 month, kilowatt hour use of 1350 and 0.0% sales tax.)

Billing Details Amount
Energy Charge (1350 kWh x .096241) $129.93
Power Cost Adjustment (1350 kWh x $.0074)*       9.99
Consumer Charge     22.50
Subtotal $162.42
Applicable Tax                                          0.00
Total Monthly Charges $162.42

This bill was calculated using Dixie Electric’s rate schedule: R-13 Residential Single Phase.

*The Power Cost Adjustment is like a fuel charge, so it changes monthly much like gas prices. This Power Cost Adjustment example is from April 2017.

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