Youth Tour Reflections: The road to self discovery

For many teens, the Rural Electric Youth Tour is full of “firsts.” It may be the first time they left the state, flew on a plane, visited the nation’s capital or have been away from their family for an extended period of time. Even more are seeing and experiencing the larger world through their own eyes, rather than through their parents’ perspective. That’s the most important first, as it’s truly a “leap” to their next phase and where their journey to adulthood begins.

In preparation for Youth Tour, teens learn about cooperatives, our history and grassroots advocacy. Youth Tour sprang from a suggestion of then Senator Lyndon Johnson to a national gathering of co-ops. Johnson felt youth from rural areas would benefit by visiting Washington to see first-hand how government works and gain a wider perspective through the experience. It was from this idea that Youth Tour evolved. High school juniors selected by their electric co-ops participate in a weeklong trip to the nation’s capital. The program has grown exponentially since its inception and this year, we will see more than 1,800 high school juniors participate from co-ops in 44 states in June. Our state typically sends a delegation of 76 students.

Clean slate

The week is interspersed with visits to many D.C. monuments and sites, including Capitol Hill. A highlight of Youth Tour includes a meeting with our congressional delegation. Teens learn first-hand that their elected officials work for their hometown community. Students often have the opportunity to discuss issues with legislators, and our chaperons are always impressed with the interactions and questions asked by our students.

I can say that nearly all teens who have participated in our Youth Tour program look back with fond memories of an educational, interesting and eventful week. Many make lifelong friends. For a few, Youth Tour is a transformational experience. Parents, me being one of them, remark how their child returned noticeably different – more mature, more confident with bigger goals and aspirations; they have a sense of purpose.

Take the leap

Youth Tour is one of the most important programs that Dixie Electric provides for the community. I am constantly impressed by the caliber of students that our co-op sponsors. As it is so often said, our teens are our future, and I think it’s vital that we do everything we can to help prepare them. I hope you will consider urging your teen to “take the leap” and join our next Youth Tour delegation.

For more information about the Youth Tour program, visit or contact your school’s guidance counselor just after school starts in the fall.

Randy Smith, General Manager

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